Typically COVID-19 test results have taken 2-4 days to get back here at Refugio Hospital.  However since the recent outbreak in Texas, COVID-19 tests are taking 6 or more days to get results back from the lab we utilize for the majority of our COVID-19 tests in Austin.  We have looked into several other labs to run the COVID-19 tests that we are collecting for out patients to have the tests processed faster.  All of the other labs that we have spoken to are also being overwhelmed with the number of received COVID-19 tests as well, and their report times are taking the same duration of 6 or more days.  Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to speed up the test results for our patients.  We know this is a very challenging time and we are asking for your patience in exchange for complete transparency in our COVID-19 testing process.  We promise to do everything possible to expedite the testing process and delivery of your test results.  Immediately after your test results arrive, we promise you will get a prompt phone call from hospital staff with your test results.